Go BIG is Not Just a Name

Brian understands the challenges that face today’s small business owners because he is one! Still involved in the management and operation of all four of his companies, Brian faces many of the same day-to-day questions and issues that you do! And having served as a volunteer and board member for various non-profits he understands the similar challenges that non-profits face.

The Go BIG program was developed specifically for small businesses and non-profits because that’s what Brian knows. And he loves working in these areas because they are filled with passionate, motivated people that love what they do!

“You left me feeling motivated to imagine what my life
should have been like all along.”

The key is getting entrepreneurs and non-profit professionals to elevate their business skills to the same level as the passion for their industry. In other words, many people are GREAT at what they do and LOVE to do it, but struggle with the “business” part of the job. And unfortunately, just loving what you do or being good at it doesn’t keep the doors open!

Consulting vs. Coaching
Brian separates these into two distinct categories as they serve very different purposes.


What is it?: Brian considers consulting to be a hands-on, problem-solving business partnership in which he works with you to fix, improve, or expand your business or non-profit. This is much more about “nuts & bolts” and “the bottom line” than it is anything else. The goal with consulting is focused around Brian’s three keys: People, Procedures, & Profit.
Who is it for?: all small businesses, sole proprietors, organizations, & non-profits

Areas of Focus include:

  • Business Operations
  • 3P Principle: People, Procedures, & Profit
  • Procedure Manuals
  • Business Plans & Proposals
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Budgets – doing more with less


What is it?: This is a buzzword that is used for a lot of things, but Brian considers coaching a personal partnership that’s focused on the person not the business. The Go BIG program can help you where you need help, it’s designed to be your partner not your boss. This is pure and simply about helping you achieve what’s important to you right now.
Who is it for?: Students, Professionals, Parents, Entrepreneurs, & Managers

Areas of Focus include:

  • Goal Setting
  • Achieving Maximum Potential
  • Finding & Following your passion
  • Stress management
  • Money management
  • Time management
  • Life balance