Go BIG is Not Just a Name

Whether you don’t have the time or resources, or just need a fresh perspective for your staff or students, Brian’s Go BIG programs can give you and your staff just what you need – SUCCESS!!

Brian understands the challenges of managing, training, and motivating a staff. As an owner of companies in the financial services, retail, real estate, and consulting fields, Brian can offer a unique perspective that is something your staff can relate to and appreciate.

Rather than telling them how to do their job better, Brian’s Go BIG program empowers staff to improve themselves while improving the company at the same time. All the while helping them to understand the value & importance they have to the company’s bottom line

“The presentation was extremely inspiring. I can do this!”

The Go BIG program will empower and motivate your staff, but just as important, give them tools to implement these changes immediately! Brian understands the value and cost of your time, and takes great pride in making sure every workshop and training are beneficial to the business.

Here’s how you can get your staff to Go BIG!


What are they?: Workshops are a combination of a motivational presentation and a training seminar, or as Brian likes to call it “Motivation with Movement”. Workshops are focused on motivating, educating, and implementing new business skills.
Who is it for?: all small businesses, sole proprietors, organizations, & non-profits

Areas of Focus include:

  • Goals, Attitude, & Passion (filling the G.A.P. between stress & success)
  • How to love what you do & be good at it too!
  • Efficiency – working like you are going on vacation
  • Profitability – understanding how you affect the bottom line
  • Customer Service & CSI Scores
  • Running your Non Profit like a Business


What is it?: Go BIG can provide valuable, hands-on training for your staff and managers. It’s an easy way to implement a consistent, cost-effective, focused program to get your team on the same page or help improve an area of your company.
Who is it for?: Staff, Managers

Areas of Focus include:

  • Management Training
  • Sales Training
  • Customer Service Training